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Feedback from conference participants


A. Czech participants (translation)

I would like to thank you this way for a wonderful „Home-like hospital birth“. The conference was held in a nice and pleasant setting and it was just great to meet so many dedicated, educated and to natural birth support devoted people. I got a lot of positive energy there. Sometimes I say to myself that we have not chosen a simple way, but I got encouraged here a lot, having heard that also in other hospitals they meet the same problems as we do, but they still keep doing their good work and are proud of it. I am happy that people like you who, in spite of all the obstacles, keep on going, trying to change something for the better and move on and enable the others to be active part of this change, still exist. I wish strength to you for new projects, Merry Christmas and much health, good luck and peace in your family and at work.

The conference was fine…We need to learn and see each other and be together this way!

The conference was interesting for me and I hope that next time I will participate also with some of my colleagues (medical doctor).

Thank you very much and I am rooting for your further work. I am grateful for your courses with lecturers from abroad. I have got the best feelings from the conference.

I would like to thank you for such a marvellous experience, which I have got from participation at your conference!

I would like to thank for the possibility to participate at conference "Home-like hospital birth". I am full of information and impressions and I am happy to be able to use a lot from what I have learned in our delivery suite.

Thanks a lot for invitation and I do appreciate the friendly atmosphere.

I wish to thank you for the Home-like Hospital Birth conference. It was marvellous! It must have been a hard work to organize and arrange all that. For us, midwives, it was a unique opportunity to get information from lecturers from other countries. I have personally participated in Waterbirth workshop and Barbara Kosfeld ´s workshop. It was a high level conference.

Thank you a lot for your work you have invested in organizing this conference. It was a very useful event as to information and also as to possibility to meet the midwives and representatives of hospitals. Thank you a lot for having the possibility to participate pro bono.

We are very happy that the conference has been successful. It was enriching for us too– we gained valuable experience, new customers and business contacts. We wish you a Merry Christmas and successful New Year 2017!

The evaluation from the questionnaires is very positive, the event. Was highly appreciated and we are very happy to have had the possibility to be part of it.

The conference was contributive and perfectly organized. Thank you for the possibility to have a stall here and I wish you to enjoy a well-deserved rest!

I wish to thank Zuzana and Jitka for organizing this contributive event., which must have been demanding.

Thank you a lot for organizing this conference. The amount of work you have invested was visible.

Thank you a lot for organizing the conference and the fair of hospitals! The program was quality and contributive, a range of fabulous presentations. Great that the people have come… Thanks once more to Mr Stromer and the others, who were involved in organization of the event and smooth course.

Thank you a lot for organizing so fabulous events!

B. Foreign participants (original)

Just a really big thanks for the conference – it was fab and I know how much work you and your team put into the 2 days!

I wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you all for your hard work and incredible translating skills! We enjoyed the conference and working with you all so much. We look forward to hearing wonderful developments in Midwifery Led Care in the Czech republic.

I would like to thank you and congratulate you and all your helpers on such a brilliant conference. I real hope it gets people thinking and continues to support the changes for women in the Czech Republic.

I want to thank you for this well organized and friendly presented Conference! I am still happy to have joined in!

Thanks to you and your colleagues for a wonderful time in Prague! I hope we can arrange something for autumn 2017!