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Homebirth – What Do We Know about It?

International monothematic conference

Not much is left to human beings from real nature... Perhaps spring water or natural birth...

Dear all,

We wish to invite you to take part in the international conference Homebirth – What Do We Know about It? The idea of organizing such a conference is rooted in the never-ending misinformation fed to the public that homebirth is an immense hazard. Continual accusations are levelled against mothers who decide to give birth at home of being irresponsible and gamble with the lives of their own babies. Midwifery support to women who want to give birth at home is under continual attack. The situation in the Czech Republic and almost all of Central and Eastern Europe is so serious that owing to the impending and actual threat of criminalization, midwives virtually have to hide. The state prevents the women from making a free choice of how to give birth, where to give birth or which professional would suit them best and make them feel safe during labour.

The conference is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about homebirth. Its aim is to provide both professional and lay publics with missing information that will help them replace the grim image of homebirth with a truer picture supported by the experience of professionals from abroad and the results of research dealing with homebirths. In addition to the outcomes of scientific research in the field of homebirths, the conference will show the participants examples of good practice from different countries, providing them with up-to-date information on the legislative situation regarding births at home and offering alternative options for homebirth. Parents will also share their experience. Practical skills will be shared in workshops.

Although the programme already promises an informative conference and two days well spent, there is still enough room for you to be able to register your presentation, covering your birth experience, or your reasoning as to why some women do prefer a home environment to hospital. You will enrich the programme with your contribution.

We believe that the conference will engender a positive spirit in public discussion on births outside hospital and will help to dispel the fear of homebirths.

  • Basic info
  • Programme
  • Registration fee
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Lecturers
  • Registration form

Basic information

Date 7th and 8th November 2014
Venue Hotel Olšanka, Táboritská 23/1000, Praha 3
Organizer Stork Birth House, NGO, Praha (www.pdcap.cz)
Type of event International conference for
   - midwives
   - medical doctors
   - midwifery and medical students
   - parents and grandparents (also expectant)
   - interested people from general public
Working languages Czech and English. Simultaneous translation will be arranged in the Conference Hall. Consecutive translation will be arranged in other rooms.


The conference is accredited by the UNIPA Czech midwifery association.

The programme will be further updated following registered presentations from participants.

  • First day
  • Second day

First Day Program

7. 11. Conference Hall Lecture Hall Workshop 7A   (30) Workshop 7B   (30)
9,00 – 9,15 Welcome presentation Welcome presentation Film Film
9,15 – 9,35 Is homebirth in the Czech republic legal?
Zuzana Candigliota, CZ
Luccia Rocca, UK
9,35 – 9,55 Case studies from UK.
Elizabeth Prochaska, UK

Wise use of homeopathy in childbirth.
Ilona Ludvíková, CZ

9,55 – 10,15 What does research say about homebirth?
Kennet Johnson, Canada
Guided imagination during pregnancy and childbirth.
Eva-Maria Müller-Markfort, Germany
10,15 - 10,30 Discussion Discussion
10,30 – 11,00 Break
11,00 – 11,20 Birthplace Study.
Christine McCourt, VB
Homebirth in Latvia.
Rudite Bruvere, Latvia
Lucia Rocca, UK
Wise use of homeopathy in Childbirth.
Ilona Ludvíková, CZ
11,20 – 11,40 Homebirth – What are the „What Ifs?“
Judy Cohain, Izrael
Homebirth in Portugal.
Mary Zwart, Portugal
11,40 – 12,00 Free informed choice in childbirth.
Prof. Raymond De Vries,USA

Homebirth in France.
Henny Jonkers, France

12,00 – 12,30 Diskuse Diskuse
12,30 – 14,00 Lunch
Facts about homebirth.
  Film Film
15,30 – 16,00 Break
16,00 – 16,20 Community midwives.
Linda Wyllie, UK
Bonding in hospitals.
Eva Vogelgesang, Germany
Guided imagination in pregnancy and childbirth.
Eva-Maria Müller-Markfort, Germany
First aid and reanimation of a newborn.
Josef Horešovský, CZ
16,20 – 16,40 Community midwife in Germany.
Andrea Wehling, Germany
Physiological breech birth.
Jane Evans, UK
16,40 – 17,00 Homebirth in Switzerland.
Marianne Indergand, Switzerland
Czech midwife in community care in UK.
Barbora Hanachová, CZ
17,00 – 17,20 Discussion Discussion
18,00 – 19,00 Taizé prayer  
19,30 – 22,00 Party

Second Day Program

8. 11. Conference Hall Lecture Hall Workshop 7A   (30) Workshop 7B   (30)
9,00 – 9,15 Welcome presentation Welcome presentation Painless birth.
Lucie Groverová,CZ
What criteria should be met to be able to say:
I assist a safe homebirth.
Andrea Wehling, Germany
9,15 – 9,35 Homebirth in Belgium.
Lieve Huybrechts, Belgium
The Czech way of homebirth.
Martina Holubářová, CZ
9,35 – 9,55 Community midwifery in Austria.
Gunda Gutscher and
Teresa Angerer, Austria
Eva Smrkovsky, CZ
9,55 – 10,15 Historical aspect of community midwifery in the Czech republic.
Marie Vnoučková, CZ
How does the childbirth influence sexuality of women.
Kristýna Neubertová Zemánková, CZ
10,15 - 10,30 Discussion Discussion
10,30 – 11,00 Break
11,00 – 11,20 Madical doctor at homebirth.
Dr. Ricardo Jones, Brasil
Birthing spaces: choice of birthing place as key of excellence in maternity care.
Zalka Drglin, Slovenia
III.stage - Judy´s 3,4,5.
Judy Cohain, Israel
The use of Bach esences in childbirth
11,20 – 11,40 National Childbirth Trust.
Suzy Coelebeck, UK
Agnes Kiraly, Hungary
11,40 – 12,00 Midwifery education.
Marian van Huis, Nizozemí
Vania Limban, Romania
12,00 – 12,30 Discussion Discussion
12,30 – 14,00 Lunch
14,00 – 14,20 Klostermann´s list of indications.
Marian van Huis, Netherlands
Women´s experience of homebirth in Ireland.
Maria Healy, Ireland
  Physiological breech birth.
Jane Evans, UK
14,20 – 14,50

Supervision in midwifery.
Maria Mills Shaw, UK

Homebirth research.
Jette Aaroe Clausen, Dänmark
14,50 – 15,10 Normal Birth Campaign.
Sheena Byrom, UK
Ethical aspect of homebirth.
Jaromír Matějek, CZ
15,10 – 15,30 Discussion Discussion
15,30 – 16,00 Break
16,00 – 16,10 Fresh Box      
What support does a safe homebirth need?
17,00 – 17,30 Press Conference  
17,30 Closing
  • Registration fee
  • Instructions for payment
  • Cancellation

Registration fee

Basic registration fee for both conferece days is EUR 150 / CZK 4200.

One day registration is EUR 80 / CZK 2200.

Journalists free entrance!

All participants registered before 15th October 2014 can use the following discounts:

  Payment before
30.7.2014 15.8.2014 15.9.2014 15.10.2014
Public, healthcare providers EUR 95
CZK 2600
EUR 100
CZK 2750
EUR 120
CZK 3300
EUR 140
CZK 3800
mothers on maternity leave
EUR 60
CZK 1650
EUR 60
CZK 1650
EUR 80
CZK 2200
EUR 100
CZK 2750
Retired people EUR 50
CZK 1400
EUR 50
CZK 1400
EUR 70
CZK 1900
EUR 100
CZK 2750

Instructions for payment

Account number 2000486409 / 2010
Variable symbol Use a combination of 6 different numbers. The same combination of numbers should be mentioned in the registration form for better identification of the payment.
Specific symbol 1114
Message for the payee Mention the name of the participant (your name)
IBAN CZ6320100000002000486409


The registration fee will be refunded to registered participants who have already paid the registration fee, but would wish to cancel their participation at the conference, according to following conditions:

  Cancellation before
15/8/2014 15/9/2014 15/10/2014 5/11/2014
returned payment
Public, healthcare providers EUR 85 /CZK 2300 EUR 70 /CZK 1950
EUR 75 /CZK 2100
EUR 47 /CZK 1300
EUR 50 /CZK 1380
60 EUR/1650 CZK
24 EUR/650 CZK
25 EUR/700 CZK
EUR 30 /CZK 800
EUR 35 /CZK 950
Students, mothers on maternity leave EUR 55 /CZK 1500 EUR 45 /CZK 1200 EUR 30 /CZK 820
EUR 40 /CZK 1100
EUR 15 /CZK 400
EUR 20 /CZK 550
EUR 25 /CZK 700
Retired people EUR 45 /CZK 1200 EUR 38 /CZK 950 EUR 25 /CZK 700
EUR 35 / CZK 950
EUR 12 /CZK 300
EUR 17 / CZK 450
EUR 25 / CZK 70
One day registration EUR 72 /CZK 1980 EUR 60 /CZK 110 EUR 40 /CZK 650 EUR 20 /CZK 550

With cancellation after 5th November 2014 no fee will be paid back (the money will be used in benefit of the conference).

How to get to Hotel Olšanka

From the airport by taxi
Approximate price: CZK 400 – 500. Ask about the price before the drive.

From the airport by public transport
Bus no. 119 (interval 5 to 20 min.)
Take the bus to the Dejvická stop (green line A), then take the metro at the Dejvická to the Flora metro station, and then tram
no. 5, or bus no. 136 or 175 to the Olšanské náměstí stop (next to the hotel).
You can use Basic ticket (CZK 32), which is valid throughout Prague for 90 minutes.

From the airport by AE (Airport Express) bus
(interval 30 min.)
Take the bus to the Dejvická stop (green line A; single ticket for CZK 40 available from the driver, not valid elsewhere), and then continue by the metro as described above, or
Take the bus to the Hlavní nádraží stop (Main Railway Station; single ticket for CZK 60 available from the driver, not valid elsewhere), then take the tram (cca 3-min walk to the tram stop) no. 5, 9 or 26 to the Olšanské náměstí stop (next to the hotel).
After leaving the AE bus you will need another Short-term ticket (CZK 24) for the tram.

From the Florenc international bus terminal (Autobusové nádraží Florenc) by public transport
Bus no. 175 (interval 15 min.)
Take the bus to the Olšanské náměstí stop (next to the hotel).
You can use Short-term ticket (CZK 24), which is valid throughout Prague for 30 min.

For detailed English information on public transportation in Prague, visit www.dpp.cz.

At the Prague Airport there are two public transport Info Centres (Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 arrival halls, open daily from 7am to 9pm.), which offer complete information on the Prague public transport, sell tickets including passes for 1 or 3 days (valid throughout Prague except AE bus), and provide maps of Prague including the public transport network, booklets on route detours and changes, etc.


It is most convenient to stay right in the Hotel Olšanka. For more information visit (www.hotelolsanka.cz). For other choices please contact Mr. Stepan Remundou from the Prague Holiday agency, tel. 777 251 109, e-mail info@prague-online.cz.


Content of this tab is preparing...

Registration form

You can fill in the registration form online   

We reccommend to read the Instructions for completing the registration form.

Instructions for completing the registration form

Working place. Write the name of the company or institution you work for, the name of the school you study and its address (town). The women on maternity leave will fill in the name of the company (institution, school), they worked for before the maternity leave. The retired people will fill in the employer they worked for before they have retired.

Profession. Write your profession or function you currently hold in this field. The women on maternity leave will fill in their profession before maternity leave and the retired people will fill in their profession before they have retired.

Discounts. The students, retired people and women on maternity leave can use discounts from registration fee. Journalists do not need to pay the registration fee. At the registration desk we will demant following evidence: students student´s record book, journalists journalist´s ID.

Combination of six numbers. Write your own combination of six numbers, which are then used as a variable symbol for your payment. DO NOT USE the same numbers (e.g. 222222) or arytmethic progression 123456 a 654321 !

Participation. You can participate at both days of the conference or only on one day and which one. Click on prefered option.

Lunch. You can have your lunch directly in the self-service hotel restaurant. You may choose from several meals, at least one of them will be vegetarian. The participants pay their own lunches cash in the restaurant. The restaurant will be closed for the public and reserved only for the conference participants in case enough participants would wish to use the restaurant.

Party. At the end of the first day there will be a conference party held for the participants. If you wish to take part you need to buy a ticket for EUR 20 (500 CZK). Express your wish to participate.

Active/passive participation. You can participate at the conference and just listen and watch. If you wish to take an active part in the conference, we will be happy to accept your contributions in the form of oral presentation, workshop, poster and photo story. Choose the way you wish to participate acticve, then choose an option. You can choose more options.

Oral presentation. If you wish to give a presentation, send an abstract and/or power point presentation. Mention the name and working place of the authors. The photo of the presenting person would be nice in addition.

Workshop. If you wish to hold a workshop at the conference associated with the theme of the conference, send the abstract of the workshop and brief information on your experience in the field the workshop is dealing with. The abstract should mention:
  • the topic and aim of the workshop
  • task group
  • the number of people the workshop can accommodate
  • demanded arrangement of the room

Poster. If you wish to present a poster, send the abstract with the name of the author and co-author, your profession and working place. The posters will be exhibited in the foyer of the Conference Room.

Photo story. In case you would decide to share your working or birth experience in form of photo story, we need your approval for showing the photos in public on conference grounds. Send the information about the size and number of photos for exhibition. Your photos will be exhibited in the foyer of the Conference Room.

Please send your contributions and all relevant information to info@pdcap.cz by 31.7.2014.